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Ana Gulias Velázquez could perfectly be a direct descendant of the brilliant Diego Rodríguez de Silva y Velázquez, if it were not that it is impossible to find her in his genealogical tree. Ana is like the reincarnation of the Baroque Old Master, with the historical evolution which brings her to our days: she is brilliant at drawing and has a great pictorial technique and an impeccable training.


She skillfully controls the art of copying in many kinds of styles, from classic to baroque, renaissance, impressionist or more contemporary vanguards.In her creation, Ana is endowed with a great sensitivity and femininity. Her talent to capture and create the light approaches her to Sorolla. She masterly plays with her brushstroke, like a virtuoso skillfully controlling the canvas, and catches irremediably the sight and the heart of the observer.

Ana Gulias Velázquez’s art causes impression and does not leave anyone indifferent. Her broadmindedness lets her be, at the same time, the painter of the Court, the loyal portrait painter of past times, and the free and expressive soul of present and future. Enjoying the work of this great painter day after day is a luxury, a blessing for the soul and the senses.

Ana Molowny Martinón
Licenciada en Bellas Artes (BA+MA of Fine Arts) (1993)