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Ana Gulias Velázquez

My name is Ana Gulias Velázquez, Bachelor of Fine Arts, and I feel very lucky to be able to work in the real vocation of my life, painting. Years of varied and intense experiences in restoration and teaching have enriched my background and have developed my technique and creativity, making my painting a passion I face with the certainty of a well-done job.

There is not a constant motif or a particular subject in my original works beyond whatever brings me joyfulness, beauty, happiness and optimism. These are in fact my sources of inspiration.

I am very proud to be a copyist at the Prado Museum since 1997 and to have the opportunity to copy great masterpieces. It started being a pleasure and a challenge to reproduce the ones that impressed me the most and nowadays I do it under commission, just like the portraits and the original paintings I do in my studio. I face each canvas as a commitment to give the best of myself and to be faithful to what the client is looking for: the copy they dream of, the portrait of the beloved one with all the nuances of his or her personality, the magic of that moment they want to treasure forever…

I enjoy all techniques and styles and this versatility allows me to accomplish all kind of commissions and budgets. I will be very pleased to consider your works and to make them come true.